Best Tricks! Throne: Kingdom at War Strategy Guide from

We look at the Throne: Kingdom at War strategy guide from and see how we can improve it even further. Check out this guide and build a glorious Kingdom.

We're all chasing something. Always. Boys, girls, a better house, a better car... And sometimes we are chasing the best game guide ever. If you want to get better at building your Kingdom, you probably have looked at some Kingdom at War strategy guide.

We have too. In fact, today we are taking a look specifically at the Kingdom at War strategy guide from How good is it?

Throne: Kingdom at War Strategy Guide Review

Bad strategy guides are worse than having no strategy at all. The Throne: Kingdom at War strategy guide from is a pretty good one. Feel free to check it out to improve your Kingdom-building skills.

But it can do better.

What I like there is the whole overview and comparisons. Yes, Plarium has got a formula for such games, but I would add that Kingdom also has some unique qualities to it.

They are spot on that you must follow the tutorial closely. Though, they should tell you why. Because it feels like a straightforward game. Certainly, if you have played similar games, you'll want to skip the tutorial altogether. You shouldn't. It contains valuable information on how to evaluate your progress.

One important thing. The guide mentions inactive players. As a beginner, you may think it's fine - you're not getting attacked. But, in the future, it will get boring and slow. Who do you raid, if your neighbours don't produce any resources? Here's the thing, the guide doesn't mention that you can relocate!

Lastly, I wholeheartedly agree with the evaluation. As far as the Graphics go, the game looks superb. You can zoom in and almost touch your citizens.

However, don't take the longevity rating too seriously. It depends on what you're up for. 7/10 is a rating which doesn't reveal the whole story. And the game is much more fun if you play it with your friends.

My Say on the Kingdom

I like the Throne: Kingdom at War. I really do. But it will not be for everyone.

The game is easy. I enjoy it because it helps me rule over a virtual Kingdom, while I'm waiting for someone.

I specifically upgraded my Hero and developed my Kingdom to fit my style. I want to log in once a day, sort out what I need, and wait for tomorrow.

And that's the magic of it. It's a simple game that you can customize to your own preferences. With a little bit of research on the research tree tech, a focus on a certain style of play, and a friendly community, you can play this game for a very long time without it ever getting boring.

Also, the recent update shows that the developers are not considering this as a done project. It keeps growing and, I am sure, it will for years to come.