Scatter Slots Review – Why you Should Play

Scatter Slots Review

Scatter Slots is probably the social casino app, that I have spent the most time on. And I'm not even a massive slots player. I just like trying out new things.

Why do I stay at Scatter Slots?

Simply, because this app is like no other casino app. At least that I know of. Not without its flaws, Scatter Slots still surprises me. And I really think everyone should have a go.

Here are the top three reasons to try out  Scatter Slots today.

Scatter Slots is Like a Video Game

Well, it is. Every casino app is.  But with Scatter Slots it is different.

Here your gaming experience is separated into steps. Every step is a mission. Some get easier, some get really tough. And the ones before a new game are almost impossible.

Scatter Slots Free Coins

Like now, I'm on the verge of unlocking a new game. My mission is to win 750 million coins. I'm almost there. But it does not mean my bankroll increased by 750 million coins. Instead, my 400 million bankroll has shrunk to 80 million. But that's what separates Scatter Slots from other casino apps. Here you have tension, intrigue.

So, it's not enough to just play. You have to actively look for ways to use bonuses to grow your bankroll. Because the boss fight is coming, you might as well get ready for it.

Scatter Slots has Tons of Extra Games

Where would we be without promotions? It's great! Someone first came up with an idea to draw clients in and it worked. And from that point forward, every company is competing who can offer the best promotion while all of us win.

Promotions at Scatter Slots are not set to copy someone else. They are very special and only available for a few days. And every time there is a fun mini-game hidden inside. I love it.

Scatter Slots is VERY Rewarding

We get used to rewards. They are nice. Plus, it's a way for a casino to keep us coming back for more. In my experience, Scatter Slots may be the most generous social casino on the App Store.

Remember the boss fights? Sure, they are tough. But after you complete a mission, you get 60-second free spin round at MAX bet.

Scatter Slots Mission

Remember promotions? It's not just about fun games. More often than not, you will bring home tens of millions of coins without making any purchases.

And then there are consecutive day multipliers, hourly bonuses, review bonuses, special collections, and more. Each helping you grow your bankroll completely free.

Overall, Scatter Slots is a social casino that will keep you coming back for more. Sure, unlocking games could be easier, but to me, it's part of the challenge. There are plenty of casinos where I can play freely without restrictions. I have and it becomes boring very soon. But Scatter Slots always has something new to offer.