Guide Review: Warframe Platinum codes at

As far as Platinum codes go, Warframe Platinum codes guide at has got it right. Here are my tips on how to use Platinum codes to advance in Warframe.

There is no question that Warframe is all about choices even though it has a shell of an active shooter game. Choices matter. That's something that splits the player base so much.

Those who happened to make the right choices are happy, obviously. The opposite is also true. If you had five choices and one of them slowed down your progress, you aren't happy.

Here's what beginners should do - research. Start by researching Warframe Platinum codes at, check out my top tips, and then move forward on anything that you don't completely understand.

Tips on Warframe Platinum Codes

Platinum is the main currency of the game. As it is a free game, you must really think about how to accrue more of the Platinum, without paying for it.

One way is the Platinum Codes. And it's not just Platinum. Keep in mind, every free code is essentially free Platinum because the game economy is based on trade.

As a beginner, you don't know anyone yet. But you will. Claim every free prize you can, because when the time is right, you will have a network and enough knowledge to turn every item into free Platinum.

There's a handy list of Platinum (and not only) codes at a game review site called Ace of Brains. Check it out.

Getting Better at Warframe

My only problem with Warframe is that even six years in, the game is still very complicated for beginners. Whenever you can, consult the official channels of communication - Discord, Facebook groups, forums, and Wiki.

And test everything out. The best example of this is in-game trading. Warframe is a country as far as the economy is concerned. You set the prices. Some say you should sell goods at lower prices. In essence, just get them off your hands and get more.

Others swear by higher prices. They say that the right customer always comes. I found that it's both. Most of it depends on the time of the day. When it's peak times in the U.S., you can find buyers even for high ticket items, though in general, it's better to have your prices set just lower than the average.

Warframe Changes

Hope you see this in time, but hold on to your items! There have been announcements that Warframe developers are reworking the introductory phase. Which means a lot more newbies may be coming into the game.

Which could mean a lot of potential buyers for your low-grade items that you have found hard to sell.

But there's a bigger lesson here. The game is always evolving. You must adapt to it. Some changes will make ti easier, others will not. But there's always an opportunity. You just have to look from the right angle.

That's how you get better at Warframe.